10 reasons why you should take out your insurance with Grupo Baeza

    • 1
    • Because we are professional agents located in Palma, Inca and Sóller.
    • 2
    • Because not everything is the same and each case needs personalised assessment.
    • 3
    • Because we always try to find the best solution to each problem.
    • 4
    • Because although we may not differ on the price, we do differ in the quality of the service provided. For this reason we don’t compare ourselves to banking entities.
    • 5
    • we are not, NOR do we compare ourselves to web-based platforms.
    • 6
    • Because in our offices we don’t deal with policies, we deal with people.
    • 7
    • Because we advise clients on the best cover-premium relationships.
    • 8
    • Because we offer the best advice and seek an effective solution to claims.
    • 9
    • Because we are always here for our clients. Because the client matters to us.
    • 10. In short, because at our agencies in Palma, Inca and Sólleryou will find the trustworthiness, prestige and efficiency that the 21st century demands.
      And all this with expert and specialist staff and with GENERALI, “the lion of insurance”, a lead player in the Insurance Sector.